Marking and Feedback

We have switched to a model of ‘whole class’ marking for English and maths lessons.  This is where we check through everyone’s work to see what the recurring themes or patterns are in the gaps in learning.  Any gaps or misconceptions identified are then picked up in the subsequent teaching.  In maths this can be addressed in the core maths session or in the main maths lesson as part of daily teaching.  It might also be that we identify gaps that require more input to address than in a whole class session so children work in a small group either with the teacher or TA to address them.

In all written work, we focus in on accurate use of the spellings, grammar and punctuation that have been learnt either in this year’s year group or in previous years.  Again, any identified themes are addressed through direct teaching.

Please see below for a copy of the marking and feedback sheets we use.

Marking and Feedback Sheet