Meet the Team

The Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs Jakki Rogers
Deputy Headteacher and SENCo Mrs Sharon Stewart
Deputy Headteacher Ms Gina Cooper
Assistant Headteacher Miss Vicki Wilson  

Early Years Teachers

Nursery Teacher Mrs Sharon Stewart
RCG Miss Cara Gallagher  
RJS Miss Julia Sharples

Key Stage 1 Teachers

1NL Miss Nicola Lundy  
1 / 2 CH and Science Lead Mr Chris Holt  
2GP and English Lead Miss Gillian Pritchard  

Key Stage 2 Teachers

3HJ Miss Helen Johnson  
3VW Miss Vicki Wilson
4AD and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children Mrs Andrea Davies  
4DL PE lead and Kagan Coach Mr David Leverton  
5GC Ms Gina Cooper  
5RS Miss Rose Sanderson  
6KC Miss Kelly Clayton
6SF and Maths lead Mrs Sheila Fowell  
Teaching and Learning Lead Miss Naomi Evans  

Intervention Team and Support Staff

Pastoral Manager Mrs Steph Goodall
Intervention TA Ms Claire Andrew
Intervention TA Mr Graham Fletcher-Shaw
Cover Supervisor Mrs Michelle Sands  
Early Years Teaching Assistant Mrs Claire Ebrey
Early Years Teaching Assistant Miss Sam Hazlehurst
Teaching Assistant Miss Karla Hough
Teaching Assistant Miss Kerry Dimelow
Teaching Assistant Mrs Sonya Cheetham Photo to follow
Teaching Assistant Mrs Faye Lumsdon  
Teaching Assistants Mrs Donna Ellis


Mrs Sue Boomer

 Teaching Assistant  Miss Rachel Duncker  
Teaching Assistant Mrs Sharon Baldwin  
Teaching Assistant  Miss Tania Copp  
 Teaching Assistant  Mrs Michelle Robertson  
Teaching Assistant  Mrs Sue Wilson  
Teaching Assistant  Mrs Sarah Horsey  

Admin Team

School Business Manager Mrs Barbara Wilson
Premises Manager Mr Phillip Sharples
Admin Officer Miss Amanda Salt
Admin Assistant Miss Annette Hopkins
ICT Support Mr Abdul Razzaq Photo to follow