My Maths Instructions

MyMaths System technical requirements
As MyMaths is a fully online resource you will need nothing but an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser with inbuilt Flash, or a recent version of Flash installed on your computer.
MyMaths will continue to work in older internet browsers but in order to get the best possible learning experience, you will need to upgrade to a more recent version.

Windows: IE 11 or above, Firefox 13.0 or above, Chrome 21.0 or above
Mac: Safari 5.0 or above, Firefox 13.0 or above, Chrome 21.0 or above

Please note: If you are a Microsoft user, they will only be providing support for the most current version of Internet Explorer from January 2016. Visit the Microsoft website for more information.
Most Android tablets and mobile devices should be able to access the  website using the Chrome or Firefox browser apps (among others).

There a few different browsers that are compatible with Android devices, but our highest recommendation is an app called Puffin Academy which is available on both Android and iOS. The Puffin Academy app allows you to access Flash-based websites such as MyMaths on tablet computers, whilst also enforcing site filtering by only allowing whitelisted education websites to be accessed. And MyMaths is now available on this platform.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store, for more information please have a look at our blog. Please find attached a useful guide on how to install and use the app.

We are working on improvements to MyMaths that involve converting our Flash based content to HTML. For more information on our progress, visit our dedicated support page. Whilst we continue to work on converting our content, we recommend using a desktop PC or a laptop for the most seamless MyMaths experience.

MyMaths on Puffin Academy.docx