School Vision

In response to our recent Ofsted inspection, the school has identified these over-arching aims;

  • To raise standards so that we are at least in line nationally in all Key Stages
  • To improve outcomes for pupils performing at higher levels
  • To eradicate inconsistencies in provision in all areas of teaching and learning
  • To refocus on what is important – outcomes for learners not external agencies!
  • To develop teaching so that it promotes independence and curiosity
  • To teach in a way that makes our children ‘future proof’ – focus on character education (creativity, adaptability, resilience, critical thinking etc) 
  • Teachers moving to the role of facilitators (leaders of learning) rather than ‘knowledge givers’
  • Support staff that share collective responsibility for the class and work in a way that empowers learners rather than disempowers
  • Well trained and skilled governors who are rigorous in holding school leaders to account


School has in place a robust action plan to achieve the above goals.